Patella-Femoral Syndrome

One common knee pathology directly related to the feet is “Patella Femoral Syndrome”. It is characterised by pain on the inside (medial) knee and often pain below the knee cap with increased activity. Patella femoral syndrome can be particularly disabling for sufferers. Pain is often recreated on simple squatting or climbing stairs or inclines.


Generally this type of knee pain is aggravated by over-pronation (rolling in) of the foot and associated weakness of medial structures around the knee (quadriceps muscles, ligaments). Tightness of the outside structures is also a cause. Genu Valgum (knock knees) is also a contributing factor.

Fortunately in its early stages the condition is easily treatable with muscle retraining and gait realignment. This generally involves the issuing of foot orthoses (arch supports) and advice regarding appropriate footwear.


Podiatrists provide this treatment, but also work closely with allied health professionals who focus on strengthening, massage and direct kinematic factors at the knee or above (pelvic stability).


Other knee conditions such as osteoarthritis or patella tendinopathy can be managed by our podiatry team with foot wedging, orthoses and by changing footwear.

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