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Shin Splints

Shin pain/Shin Splints refers to the pain or discomfort over the lower led and is an overuse injury characterised by inflammation, pin, swelling and warmth which worsens with activity. The most common site of shin pain is on the inside of Tibia where the tibialis posterior muscle attaches. This muscle crosses at arch of the foot so excessive stress can be caused by anything which causes the foot to flatten more e.g' Flat feet, poor footwear, hard surfaces and increase in body weight.


Alternatively it can be felt along the front of the leg, which is Tibialis anterior muscle. This muscle attaches to the top of the foot and is responsible for picking the foot up as we walk. excessive stress can be felt when walking uphill and walking quickly.


Pain and inflammation will involve bone, muscle, tendon or a combination of all three.


Possible Causes:


  • Tendonitis

  • myositis

  • periostitis

  • stress fracture of the tibia and or fibula

  • anterior compartment syndrome



Other contributing Factors:


  • Footwear

  • Changes/increase in training habits

  • weak of flat arches of feet

  • alignment or biomechanical problems of the feet

  • running on uneven surfaces

  • tight calf muscle/achillies tendon


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